A Poem on Humanity : The Rotating Sphere

This world already lacks of love and humanity.
Do not live in that kind of world.
Build your own world.
Decorate it with love, joy, and humanity,
and live in it.
That is the actual world.
The prior is fake,
or you can nickname it, The Rotating Sphere.
If your own world does not have those accessories,
then where will you run when the sphere becomes totally loveless?

We are too busy running for president,
or striving for Nobel Prize by discovering more galaxies,
or memorizing a hundred digits of Pi.
We describe it as civilization.
But pity, within us, are uncivilized.

Be on The Mother Earth. Stay on Her lap.
But do not live it.
Live what is within, and you will be more humane.


I love poems since I was 15. I love reading them, but never confident enough to write my own. But when I find the right time, idea, and sense, all those three combinations will suffice to drive me to write one. Most of the time, I will just keep my sketchy poems for myself.

The Rotating Sphere, I think, deserves for publication on my blog. This poem was written as my condolences to the number of terrorist attacks happening nowadays. The latest occurrence was the shooting attack happened in Christchurch, New Zealand on March 15. 

There are some philosophical ideas behind The Rotating Sphere. But the main point that I would like to convey through my poem is, it is always the best to maintain the balance between what we build 'outside' and 'inside'. What we build outside is what we have been doing since ages ago, building on civilization. But what we build inside is the one that we may have just started, that is when we start observing injustice and violence. 

Hyderabad, 17th March 2019

Rahma S

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