A Poem on Love : The Landlord

I found a home,
I found a home, but that home left me.
Another home came to me.
I went inside the home,
and I found a piece of heart.
I stared at it closely.
The heart was glowing like a diamond.
I took the heart with both hands carefully.
Oh! the heart was so delicate,
and warm, and was radiating affection.
I was wondering,
"What kind of heart is this?"
"What kind of home is this?"
Suddenly I remembered my own heart.
I took mine. I was astounded.
Both hearts were fit perfectly to each other like pieces of a puzzle.
I questioned again, "Whose home is this? I want to see the owner of this home."I walked around the home, holding both the hearts looking for The Landlord.
And that time, I saw you, standing nearby the door.
You were heart-less.
And I understood that you were The Landlord.
The heart-less Landlord kept staring at me.
His gaze on me like a child who had just seen his mother for the first time.
He came closer and took his heart delicately from my hand.
"You own a powerful heart, Your Majesty. It's been wounded but still radiating warmth and affection," I said.
But The Landlord spoke none.
"Apology. I have committed a sin by displacing it from the nest." Still, he spoke none.
His tongue now pounded louder than his heart.
But still, he spoke none.

I gazed to the window.
The sun began to set upon the lap of The Mother Earth.
I wished a good night to the asleep sun.

"Bring me home. Bring my heart home. I see my home in you. I see The Eden in you." said the Landlord.
But I spoke none.


I wrote this poem exactly one year ago.